When are Blizzard trips?

Blizzard trips are held on Saturdays or Sundays in December, January, and February. Bonus trips are Thanksgiving weekend, MLK Day and the first weekend in March. See the calendar for details!

How long is a typical day?

Members are usually picked up between 7:15 and 8:00 a.m. We arrive at the area around 9:30 a.m. and are on the hill by 10:00 a.m. Buses load at 3:30 p.m. for the trip home, which usually puts us back in town between 5:00 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. For more details, take a look at how it works.

What does the Program Fee cover?

All members pay a Program Fee to join Blizzard. This fee covers your instruction for the entire season, all membership materials, access to all our trips at discounted lift ticket rates, participation in special events including Picnic Day, Fun Day and Bonus Trips, and discounts at participating retail partners. Fees vary by program due to student/instructor ratios, special equipment and other factors.

Can my child switch between Saturday and Sunday?

No. Blizzard members register for a Saturday program or a Sunday program for the entire season.

Can my child rent equipment at the area?

No. All Blizzard members must have their own equipment. Blizzard staff are unable to supervise the rental process and legally cannot sign waivers or liability releases for minors’ rental equipment. Plus, it’s not a very fun way to spend the first and last hour of every Blizzard trip standing in rental lines, which significantly impacts quality lesson time. Most importantly, it’s really hard to learn when your equipment keeps changing! Learn more about Gear & Equipment.

What should I bring each week?

Blizzard members are required to have their own equipment: skis and poles or a snowboard, a protective bag, and ski/snowboard boots. A helmet and goggles are highly recommended, plus snowpants, two pair of insulated mittens or gloves, and layers, layers, layers of clothing! See our Gear & Apparel Guide for details.

Is lunch included?

Members provide their own lunch and snacks. We strongly recommend bringing healthy snacks and a big lunch. Pack snacks for the bus in the morning, a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and munchies for the bus ride home. We suggest packing double the lunch you would send to school. They really will eat it all! If members in 5th-12th grades prefer to buy food at the area, we recommend about $20, which is typically enough for lunch, drink and one snack.

What does my child need to be ready for Blizzard?

Use the pro-tips on our Pre-Season Top 10 list. Be sure to complete them all!

What is the 1Risk Waiver?

All participants in Blizzard events must sign the 1Risk waiver. This waiver is required by the Minnesota Ski Areas Association. Blizzard is not permitted to issue lift tickets to any participant without a 1Risk waiver.

What are Color Levels?

On your first Blizzard trip, we’ll evaluate your skiing or snowboarding skills, from beginner to expert. Members in 4th -12th grades will be classified into a Color Level (skill level). From then on, you attend lessons based on your Color Level. Every lesson will help you learn specific skills at your current Color Level, building a strong foundation for you to have even more fun skiing or snowboarding! As soon as you’ve mastered those skills, you can test to pass to the next Color Level!

Can my child bring a guest?

Yes! Blizzard members may invite guests on any trip during the regular Blizzard season, with some restrictions (follow link for details). Guests are not permitted in Mites, SuperMites or SuperKyds, and all guests must be able to ski or snowboard safely prior to their Blizzard trip.

Can my child have a private lesson?

Yes! Blizzard members may register for Private Lessons, with some restrictions (follow link for details).

If I drive, where do I get my lift ticket?

If you plan to drive, notify the Blizzard office by the Thursday 8 p.m. registration deadline so we can have a lift ticket waiting for you. When you arrive at the area, come into the chalet and find the Blizzard Table to receive your lift ticket. Just look for the banner and a crowd of kids!

Does Blizzard help kids become independent?

Yes! SuperKyds is our “bridge” program between our younger, all-day supervised, total group instruction of SuperMites and the full-day independence, individualized instruction of Classic. Within our Classic program, we also offer orientation programs at no additional cost that are specifically designed to help new Classic members learn their way around Blizzard and make new friends.

What are Blizzard’s behavior expectations?

Because we consider everyone at Blizzard to be family, showing respect for instructors, chaperones, bus drivers, and fellow members is expected at all times. Blizzard prohibits drugs, alcohol, smoking of any kind, bullying/harassment, and foul language. Inappropriate behavior will result in discipline up to and including loss of membership without refund.

What is ski or snowboard tuning?

Ski and snowboard tuning generally involves sharpening the edges and waxing the base. This preventive maintenance helps keeps your equipment running smoothly and safely. We recommend tuning your equipment at least before your first trip and at the end of the season to prepare it for summer storage. See our Gear & Equipment page for details!

Is financial assistance available?

Yes! Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School is committed to socioeconomic diversity in our programs, and to making skiing and snowboarding financially accessible to all families. To achieve this vision, we have established the Blizzard Family Assistance Fund to assist families who might not otherwise be able to afford to ski or snowboard with Blizzard. The program is funded by donations from members, staff, and Blizzard itself. Application includes a $100 refundable deposit to reserve your “spot” in a program. You will be notified of your financial award in mid-October.


Does Blizzard donate to charity events?

Yes! We are happy to review requests for charity silent auctions, sponsorships or other opportunities to support our community.  We give priority to schools and organizations in which members are currently involved. To inquire, send your request with supporting information to office@blizzardmn.com.