Program Overview

Program Overview

Get off the couch and on the slopes with Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School! Since 1958, Blizzard has offered a great way for families to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle during our wonderful Minnesota winters! Skiing and snowboarding are lifelong activities the entire family can enjoy together!

From beginners to experts, youth to teens, recreational skiers to aspiring snowboard instructors, use the chart above to select a program that corresponds to your child’s grade. Find out how you can hit the slopes this winter with Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School!

We are growing! See our hiring page for open positions!


All Programs Include


• Up to 14 trips based on your program

• Discounted lift tickets

• Round-trip bus transportation

• Expert instruction by adult staff (up to 4½ hours each week!)

• Individual ski and snowboard skill assessments

Color Level or Program zipper pulls

• ID stickers for your skis, snowboard, boots, poles, helmets — you name it!

• Blizzard E-newsletters

• Special events including Picnic Day and Family Fun Day

• Invitations to all Teen & Family Bonus Trips including Thanksgiving, MLK Day and Spirit Mountain

• Special discounts and events at our partner ski & snowboard shops


Weekly Trips

Our goal, quite simply, is to get you on the slopes worry-free all season long. Here’s how:


First, you need a reservation. Before each trip, we will contact you via email (evite) or phone to make a reservation for the upcoming trip. We’ll tell you the date, destination, bus times and any special events for the day. You must RSVP by the reservation deadline (usually Thursday at 8:00 p.m.) if you want to attend.

Preparing for the Day

Based on your reservation, head to your morning bus stop. Blizzard staff will greet you at your bus stop to check you in, help you load your equipment in the trailer and get you situated on the bus. Our youngest members sit up front with staff. You will be dropped off at the same bus stop at the end of the day. Again, check your reservation for exact bus times. Bus times may vary each week!

You’ll want to bring a lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks to stay hydrated. Blizzard members can eat twice as much as a regular school day! If you wish to buy lunch, bring $15 to $20 and be ready for long lines. Younger members are strongly encouraged to pack a lunch.

Blizzard members must have their own gear and equipment and everything needed for a warm, fun day on the slopes! Rentals are not available on Blizzard trips.

Weekly Trip Fee

If you attend, you pay a Trip Fee which covers your lift ticket and round-trip bus transportation. If you don’t attend for any reason (you’re sick, have a birthday party, etc.) and you either don’t make a reservation or you cancel by the reservation deadline, there is no charge!

If you make a reservation, do not cancel, and do not attend, you will be charged a nominal No-Show Fee. We always process charges after the trip so we always charge you the correct amount. If you ever have questions about a charge, just call the office.

IF YOU ARE SICK, DO NOT ATTEND BLIZZARD! We will not charge a No-Show Fee if you contact the office and let us know you are/were sick. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home!

If you want to drive instead of riding the bus, respond accordingly on your evite or contact the office before the reservation deadline. We’ll have a discounted lift ticket waiting for you at the Blizzard Table inside the chalet. We can charge this to your credit card on file or you can pay by cash/check when you arrive at the Blizzard Table.

Blizzard Weekly Trip Cancellation

Our season of course depends on the weather! Blizzard reserves the right to make cancellation decisions in the best interest of our members. See our cancellation policy for details. Cancellations are usually posted on our website and voicemail system by noon on Fridays. If weather conditions are changing rapidly, cancellation decisions may be made as late as the morning of the trip. Check the website or call the office if you’re ever in doubt!


Color Levels

One of the best things about Blizzard is that you always progress at your own pace, in lessons at your own skill level!

On your first Blizzard trip, we’ll evaluate your skiing or snowboarding skills, from beginner to expert. Members in 5th -12th grades* will be classified into a Color Level (skill level). From then on, you attend lessons based on your Color Level. Every lesson will help you learn specific skills you need to master at your Color Level, building a strong foundation for you to have even more fun skiing or snowboarding!

Here’s a handy reference guide to Blizzard Color Levels!


Your Blizzard instructors will evaluate your progress during every lesson you attend. When you’ve mastered the skills at your current Color Level, you will get a “Testing Slip.” Take your Testing Slip to the next scheduled Testing Session to be evaluated by a Blizzard Tester. If you’re ready, you’ll pass to the next Color Level!

Some members pass through two or three Color Levels in one season; other members build mastery in just one Color Level. At Blizzard, your instruction is always at your skill level and at your pace. You’re in control!

When you pass into a new Color Level, you receive a matching zipper pull! Put it on your coat to show your progress!


New to the slopes? No worries! Join other “Rookies” at all grade levels who are completely new to skiing and snowboarding. Rookies receive all-day lessons until you are able to safely ride the chair lift and enjoy beginner slopes — typically 1-3 weeks. Rookies in the Classic Program then pass into Color Level “Yellow” and begin taking regular 90-minute lessons. Blizzard is here to help you every step of the way!

* Mites/SuperMites/SuperKyds

Developmentally, most younger children are not focused on individual achievement. It’s all about having fun as a group! That’s why we don’t use Color Levels in our programs for younger members. Mites and SuperMites receive a purple zipper pull to identify their program. SuperKyds receive an orange zipper pull for their program and are introduced to skill-based Color Levels during the season.

Bus Stops

One Blizzard Community

With over twenty locations, you’re sure to find a Blizzard bus stop near you! Each Saturday and Sunday, all Blizzard buses arrive at the same snowsports area with kids from all over the Twin Cities skiing and snowboarding together. Friends are welcome to come along if they are preregistered as Blizzard Guests.

Bus Times

Bus times may vary each week depending on whether we’re heading north, south, east or west of the Twin Cities. Because routes vary, bus stop pairings may also change each week. You will be notified of your bus times in your weekly trip invitation.

Morning pick-ups are between 7:15 a.m. – 8:00 a.m., arriving at the area around 9:30 a.m. We head home around 4:00 p.m., which puts us back in town between 5:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Bus Stop Locations

See our complete listing to find a bus stop near you!

Create a New Bus Stop

Don’t have a bus stop nearby? Let us know and we’ll help you create one! Blizzard requires a minimum of 30 members for a new bus stop, so get your friends to register today!

Gear + Equipment

Gear up for your winter adventure with Blizzard! Here’s how:

All Blizzard members MUST have their own equipment.

Rentals at snowsports areas are not available for Blizzard members. Take advantage of special discounts for Blizzard Families at participating specialty retailers! Buy new gear at great prices or rent a season-long ski or snowboard package. You can also check out local “swap” sales for gently used equipment. See the calendar for a list of events.

Why can’t I rent equipment each week at the snowsports area?

  • Lines can be long and significantly impact our quality lesson time
  • Changing your gear all the time makes it hard to learn
  • We do not have staff available to assist members in the rental lines
  • Our staff is not legally able to sign the waiver required for minors to rent gear

How can I get gear inexpensively?

  • Purchase a season-long rental or take advantage of a “buy back” program from one of our retail partners. You’ll get the expert knowledge you expect, the perfect fit for your child and quality equipment you can trust. All for the same price as renting about four times!
  • Check out a local gear swap, typically held in the fall for discounted, used equipment. Make sure you know what you need, including exact size and fit. Expert staff may not be available to help.
  • Purchase new equipment using your Blizzard discount at our retail partners.

Dressing for the slopes

Layer! Layer! Layer! Wear three or four layers up top, including thermals. Fleece is your best friend; cotton is your worst enemy. Remember to put your name on everything!  See our Gear Checklist for full details. Here’s a super cute video that’s shows you and your child(ren) how to dress for winter fun! And here’s another great video from PSIA-AASI!


Bring healthy snacks and a good lunch, or money to purchase food at the area. $15 is more than enough for lunch, so please don’t come with a $50 bill. Pack snacks for the bus in the morning, a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and munchies for the bus ride home. Kids are growing and they’ll eat all day. Better to eat healthy snacks than candy bars and french fries! We typically recommend packing a lunch double the amount of what you would send to school. They really will eat it all!

Protecting my equipment

All members must have a ski or snowboard bag clearly labeled with your name. Use your Blizzard luggage tag! This bag protects your equipment in the trailer, and prevents everyone’s equipment from getting damaged or mixed-up. Your luggage tag will be sent in your membership packet. Visit one of our retail partners to purchase a quality ski or snowboard bag using your Blizzard member discount!

Carrying my stuff

We suggest that all members have a boot bag or large backpack to carry your ski/snowboard boots (do not wear them on the bus!), your lunch and snacks, extra socks, mittens/gloves, extra layers and anything else you may need for the day. But remember: If you bring it, you better be able to carry it!

Blizzard is all about independence and responsibility, including carrying your own gear and equipment. We will have staff around to help our younger members, but make sure your bag is small enough that it doesn’t tip you over! Visit one of our retail partners to purchase your boot bag using your Blizzard member discount!

Got everything?

Don’t know what gear you need for Blizzard? Looking for a handy checklist to pack up each week? Print our Gear Checklist and use it each time you pack for Blizzard!


Payment Information

Busy family lives mean we’re all looking for affordable prices and flexibility. Blizzard offers a unique pricing structure which provides families with the most flexible, economical option for a full season of snowsports fun!

Program Fee

All members pay a Program Fee to join Blizzard. This fee covers your instruction for the entire season, all membership materials, access to all our trips at discounted lift ticket rates, participation in special events including Picnic Day, Fun Day and Bonus Trips, and discounts at participating retail partners. Fees vary by program due to student/instructor ratios, special equipment and other factors.

Payment is due at time of registration. If Program Fees are not paid within 30 days, your registration may be cancelled. If you cancel your membership, Blizzard will refund 75% of your registration fee until November 1. There are no refunds after November 1. Please contact the office if you have extenuating circumstances. We’ll do our best to work with you!

Weekly Trip Fee

Each week during the season, you will be contacted to make a reservation for the upcoming trip. If you attend the trip, you pay a Weekly Trip Fee* of about $80, which covers round-trip bus transportation, supervision and lift ticket. We always run charges after the trip, so we only charge those who actually attend. If you don’t make a reservation for the trip for any reason, you don’t pay! It’s the best pay-as-you-go system there is — you only pay for the bus and lift ticket when you use them.

* Trip Fees may vary each week based on lift ticket prices. Trip Fees may change at any time for reasons beyond Blizzard’s control, such as fuel or other bus-related costs or changes in lift ticket prices.

No-Show Fee

If you make a reservation but do not attend, and you do not cancel by the reservation deadline (usually Thursday at 8:00 p.m.), we charge a $30 No-Show Fee. This covers your reserved seat on the bus that we were unable to assign to another member, and is necessary to keep costs low for all members. Other No-Show Fees may apply for special events.


We will not charge a No-Show Fee if you contact the office and let us know you are/were sick. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home!

Family Assistance Fund

Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School is committed to socioeconomic diversity in our programs, and to making skiing and snowboarding financially accessible to all families. To achieve this vision, we have established the Blizzard Family Assistance Fund to assist families who might not otherwise be able to afford to ski or snowboard with Blizzard. The program is funded by donations from members, staff, and Blizzard itself. Please contact the office for more information.

Account Profile

Wondering about the status of your account? You can always log into your member profile to check your account online. If you find an error, just give us a call or send an email. We’ll do our best to fix it right away!