Invite your friends and family who ski or snowboard to join in a Blizzard trip as a Guest!

Guest Policy

Guests of Blizzard members in 5th-12th grades are welcome at all Blizzard events unless otherwise indicated. All guests must be able to ski or snowboard safely; we cannot accommodate complete beginners. Guests must be invited by a Blizzard member and make their reservation by the deadline (usually Thursdays at 8:00pm).

What is the cost?

Guests pay the same trip fee as members, plus a $20 administrative fee for each trip. Prices may vary depending on snowsports destination and other special events. Exact pricing will be shown when making your reservation for your specific event. When you invite your Guest, you may choose to pay the cost or have your Guest pay.

What does the Guest Fee include?

The guest fee includes access to the one Blizzard trip you are invited to attend, including round-trip transportation, lift ticket, lessons, and time to free ski/ride with friends. Blizzard also provides adult supervision, medical coordination in case of injury, guaranteed lift ticket availability, dedicated group space, and special activites (for example, Picnic Day lunch and Fun Day competitions).

Guests need to bring money for food and drink if they do not pack snacks and lunch. Other policies may apply for special events, and you’ll be informed of those details ahead of time.

Do guests have to register for a trip with Blizzard?

Yes. Guests who are not registered will not be issued a lift ticket and will forfeit the trip fee.

Do guests already need to know how to ski or snowboard?

Yes. We regret we are unable to accommodate guests who are complete beginners.

Can guests rent equipment at Blizzard?

No. Blizzard requires both members and guests to bring their own equipment. Staff are unable to supervise the rental process and cannot sign waivers or liability releases for rental equipment.

Can a guest take a lesson?

Yes! Go to Lesson Cone #1 at 10:00am. Identify yourself as a Guest. We’ll evaluate your skiing or snowboarding and get you into a group that matches your skill level.

How many times may guests go to Blizzard?

Each guest may attend up to three regular trips. After that, it’s time to join! Bonus: Guest fees may be applied toward program registration during the same season (space permitting)!

Can I bring a guest in Mites/SuperMites/SuperKyds (grades K-5)?

No, guests are not permitted in programs for our youngest members (Mites, SuperMites or SuperKyds). Group dynamics and limits on group sizes make it difficult to accommodate guests in these programs. Youth in grades K-5 may attend as a guest if supervised by a parent/guardian for the entire day (not in a group setting). Contact the office for details.

Do parents need to register as guests?

No. Parents of Blizzard members are welcome at events and do not need to register as guests. However, please email the office ahead of the trip and tell us your name, your child’s name, and what bus you’ll be riding (or if you’re driving) so we can be sure to have enough seats and tickets available. Parents generally receive a discount on lift tickets at the Blizzard Table!

How do I invite a Guest?

All guests must be invited by a Blizzard member.  Members have two options for inviting your Guest:

1. Send an email invitation. After you RSVP yourself for the trip, just click the button (if available) to send your Guest an email invitation. Your Guest can electronically submit their name and contact info, select bus stops, provide payment information, and sign waivers online.


2. Call or email the office. Tell us your name and your guest’s name, grade and bus stop. Your Guest MUST must complete an online waiver AND bring a signed Blizzard Guest Permission Slip with exact payment (cash or check) to the trip. If we do not have all three items, we cannot issue a lift ticket!

What if my guest can’t make it?

If your guest doesn’t want to come, he or she can simply ignore the email invitation. If your guest registers but then misses the trip, your guest will be charged a nominal No-Show Fee if they did not cancel their reservation by the event deadline. Other policies may apply for special events. If your Guest does not pay the Trip or No-Show Fee, the inviting member (you) will be charged for your guest.

Does Blizzard keep my guest’s contact information?

Yes. The office is copied on all email invitations to help us manage reservations and comply with laws such as the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act. We may invite your guest to join Blizzard. See our privacy policy for details of how we may use information you provide.