Private Lesson

Imagine the progress you’ll make with one-on-one attention!

A private lesson is a one-on-one lesson with one of our instructors. While group lessons are a great way to learn and have fun on the hill, sometimes you may just need a little extra attention. Whether you feel stuck on a particular skill or want to learn something specific, a private lesson could be what you need!

Who can take a Private Lesson?

You must already be registered for a Blizzard program this season to book a Private Lesson. All members in 5th – 12th grades, skiers or snowboarders may book Private Lessons. We are not able to offer Private Lessons to our youngest members in Mites, SuperMites or SuperKyds programs, or to the general public (children or adults who are not registered for Blizzard programs).

When do Private Lessons start?

Private Lessons are available during regular Blizzard trips starting in January.  Each Private Lesson is 90 minutes and will begin at 10:00am, 12:15pm or 2:00pm.

Who will teach my Private Lesson?

One of our top certified instructors will meet you at the assigned lesson time and location.  Your instructor will already be informed of your personal goals for the session, but feel free to provide more information once you’re on the hill!  Your instructor will also provide you with written feedback from your session.

What is the cost?

A Private Lesson is $55 for one 90-minute session. Semi-private lessons (you and up to two friends) are $30 per person for one 90-minute session. This cost is in addition to your regular weekly trip fee.  This will be charged to your credit card on file after you have your private lesson. If you miss your lesson, we will work with you to reschedule it for the following week.

How do I register for a Private Lesson?

Complete the online form below, or contact the office to book your Private Lesson.  Once you’ve signed up, our Private Lesson Coordinator will contact you before the trip to discuss your goals for the lesson and set up a lesson time. All private lessons meet at Cone #1. Private lessons may not be available at all events.

If you feel stuck or want to learn a specific skill in a smaller, more individualized setting, a Private Lesson could be just what you need!

  • Available to skiers and snowboarders in grades 5-12 on select trips starting in January
  • Not available to Mites, SuperMites or SuperKyds
  • Private Lessons are 90 minutes and start at 10a, 12:15p or 2p
  • Cost: $55 (in addition to the regular trip fee)
  • Also available: Semi-private lessons for you and up to two friends for $30 per person!

Request Form

Submit the following information and our Private Lesson Coordinator will contact you to make arrangements.

For complete details, see the Private Lesson program page or FAQ.