Ride the Edge

Color Levels

One of the best things about Blizzard is that you always progress at your own pace and at your own skill level!

On your first Blizzard trip, we’ll evaluate your skiing or snowboarding skills, from beginner to expert. Members in 5th -12th grades* will be classified into a “Color Level.” From then on, you attend Color Level lessons based on your assigned Color Level (skill level). Every lesson will help you learn the specific skills you need to master at your Color Level, building a strong foundation for you to have even more fun skiing or snowboarding!

Your Blizzard instructors will evaluate your progress during every lesson you attend. When you’ve mastered the skills at your current Color Level, you will get a “Testing Slip.” Take your Testing Slip to the next scheduled Testing Session (typically at 2:00pm each week) to be evaluated by a Blizzard Examiner. If you’re ready, you pass right into the next Color Level!

Some members pass through two or three Color Levels in one season; other members build mastery in just one Color Level each season. At Blizzard, your instruction is always at your skill level and at your pace. You’re in control!

When you pass into a new Color Level, you receive a matching zipper pull! Put it on your coat to show your progress!


New to the slopes? No worries! Join other “Rookies” at all grade levels who are completely new to skiing or snowboarding. Rookies receive all-day lessons until you are able to safely ride the chair lift and progress down the beginner slopes — typically 1-3 weeks. Rookies in the Classic Program then move into Color Level “Yellow” and begin taking regular 90 minute lessons. Blizzard is here to help you, every step of the way!

What do the Color Levels mean?

Skiing Snowboarding
Linked turns, typically wedging
Basic skidded turns
Small jumps (straight air)
Linked turns in the fall line
Skidded turns with carved finish
Flat spins and ollies
Beginning carved turns,
may still wedge a bit
Beginning carved turns
Terrain park and basic grabs
Basic parallel turns
with pole touch
Basic carved turns
Butters and alley-oops
Parallel turns
with carved finish
Dynamic turns
Air 180s
Low Black: Dynamic carved turns
Black: Dynamic short-radius turns
Top-Black: Do anything anywhere!
Do anything anywhere!

* Mites/SuperMites/SuperKyds
Developmentally, most younger children are not focused on individual achievement. It’s all about having fun as a group! That’s why we don’t use Color Levels in our programs for younger members. Mites and SuperMites receive a purple zipper pull to identify their program. SuperKyds receive an orange zipper pull for their program and are introduced to skill-based Color Levels during the season.