Cancellation Policy

What is the refund policy for Program Fees?

Payment is due at time of registration. If Program Fees are not paid within 30 days, your registration may be cancelled. If you cancel your membership:

  • By June 30: 100% refund
  • By October 31: 75% refund
  • On or after November 1: No refunds

Please contact the office if you have extenuating circumstances. We’ll do our best to work with you!

How do I cancel my trip reservation?

You may cancel your trip reservation by visiting our website or calling the office. All cancellations must be received by the reservation deadline, typically Thursday evening at 8 p.m. for regular weekend trips. If you miss a trip and do not cancel your reservation, you will be charged a nominal No-Show Fee. This fee covers busing and administrative expenses, and is necessary to keep costs low for all members.

If my child gets sick, can I get a refund?

If you have extenuating circumstances such as illness, please call or email the office as soon as possible, even if it is after the reservation deadline. We would rather have your child recuperating at home than having a miserable day ill on the hill. There are no refunds if an illness occurs during the day.

IF YOU ARE SICK, DO NOT ATTEND BLIZZARD! We will not charge a No-Show Fee if you contact the office and let us know you are/were sick. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home!

Does Blizzard ever cancel trips?

Our season depends on the weather, and trips may be cancelled if necessary. Blizzard reserves the right to make cancellation decisions that are in the best interest of our members. On super-cold days, we sometimes run one or two Cold Weather Buses instead of canceling the entire trip. While most members may choose not to come, we often have a small group of motivated kids who really want to get out and slide!

Decisions to cancel weekend trips are typically made by noon on Friday. When conditions are changing rapidly, cancellations may be made as late as the morning of the trip. Check the website or call the office for the latest information, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for instant updates! Our motto always applies: Safety, Fun, and Learning!

We sometimes extend our season if conditions are awesome and people are still excited to ski & snowboard, but Blizzard does not generally make up cancelled trips.

What if there is no snow?

This is rare! Don’t forget that Minnesota resorts have state-of-the-art snowmaking capabilities. Just because there’s no snow in your front yard doesn’t mean there’s no snow on the slopes!

Is there ever too much snow?

Road conditions can vary widely between the metro area and our destination, especially when freezing rain is forecast. The bus company we use to get to and from the areas decides whether the roads are safe to travel. We leave it to the professionals: if they say no, we don’t go!

What if it’s supposed to be cold?

Snowboarding and skiing are outdoor winter activities. As long as you’re dressed properly, you can enjoy the slopes in comfort — even when the temperature is below zero and the wind is blowing! If the predicted high temperature is above zero degrees Fahrenheit, we’ll almost certainly be skiing and snowboarding. We do consider extremely cold temperatures, windchill factors, and media hype when making cancellation decisions.
See our Gear & Apparel Guide to be sure you’re ready for any weather!