Become a Chaperone

“Being a Chaperone with Blizzard lets me spend time with my kids together as a family. I enjoy working with Blizzard kids!”  — Pari S.

Blizzard believes that skiing and snowboarding are life-long family activities, so we love to provide ways for families to enjoy Blizzard together! Becoming a Blizzard Chaperone not only rewards you with the fun and satisfaction of working with young snowsports enthusiasts, but also allows you to earn discounts for your own child(ren)’s participation at Blizzard!  It’s a great way to spend a few Saturdays or Sundays as a family enjoying the slopes!


What is a Blizzard Chaperone?

Chaperones are parent volunteers, on the buses, on the hill and in the chalet, helping to ensure all our members have a great day on the slopes!

When do I perform my Chaperone duties?

You will make a commitment to attend at least 75% of Saturday or Sunday trips, whichever day you prefer and commit to at the beginning of the season as indicated on your registration.  Each week, you will receive an email invitation to RSVP for the upcoming trip.  If you attend, you will provide your volunteer services in the bus, on the slopes and in the chalet.  Your volunteer assignment will be provided to you on your bus that morning.

What are my responsibilities on the bus?

All Chaperones are required to ride the bus each week you attend.  Blizzard needs adults on each bus to help provide members with a safe, fun trip to and from the destination area each week. Your responsibilities on the bus may include taking attendance, distributing lift tickets, making announcements, and reviewing the provided weekly lesson schedule with members. You also help escort our littlest members in Mites, SuperMites and SuperKyds both to and from the chalet.

What are my responsibilities in the chalet?

Each week, we take over a few tables in the chalet to make the “Blizzard Table.” Staffed all day long by Chaperones, Blizzard members stop by the Blizzard Table to get newly-earned zipper pulls, find a lost mitten, or just get some TLC.

What are my other responsibilities?

Other Chaperone duties include the “Chaperone Corps” which provides assistance to Blizzard members and/or instructors through Medical/Ski Patrol, Classic Orientation, Program Support and more. Duties may be performed in the chalet or on the slopes. All Chaperones are required to volunteer a minimum of two hours and up to a half-day each week you attend. Additionally, each chaperone must volunteer for two, two-hour shifts at preseason events as a representative of Blizzard. Chaperones must attend a mandatory two-hour Chaperone Clinic, typically held in November.

What is the pay rate?

Chaperones are volunteers and are not paid.

Are there other benefits?

  • FREE lessons from Blizzard instructors to improve your own skiing or snowboarding skills, as available during regular season trips.
  • FREE Blizzard clinics to develop your interest and skills in becoming an Instructor!  Lift ticket additional.
  • FREE lift ticket for the week you attend and perform your Chaperone duties. You usually have time during the day to catch a few runs!
  • DISCOUNTS on your child(ren)’s program and weekly trip fees. Discounts are based on the number of trips on which you have volunteered at the start of the season. In other words, your benefits will increase next year if you volunteer on enough trips this year.

Do I need a uniform?

Uniforms are optional for Chaperones. However, we recommend them because they help members and parents recognize Blizzard staff on and off the slopes. Our uniform program allows you to purchase high-quality, brand-name clothing at discounted prices (often below wholesale). Please contact the office if you are interested in purchasing a uniform. Even if you choose not to purchase a uniform, you must wear your Blizzard nametag.

How do I register to be a Chaperone?

There are limited Chaperone positions offered each season. Registration typically opens in October. Chaperones from the previous year have registration priority.

Register online selecting “Chaperone” as your preference, along with your personal contact information and bus stop. Upon receiving your registration, you’ll be contacted by the office. Once you’re registered, you can access more information on our staff website. For additional information, please email the Blizzard office.


We hope to see you on the slopes with your family as a Blizzard Chaperone!