Ride the Edge

Weekly Trip Policies

Our goal, quite simply, is to get you on the slopes worry-free all season long. Here’s how:


First, you need a reservation. Before each trip, we will contact you via email (evite) or phone to make a reservation for the upcoming trip. We’ll tell you the date, destination, bus times and any special events for the day. You must RSVP by the reservation deadline (usually Thursday at 8:00 p.m.) if you want to attend.

Preparing for the Day

Based on your reservation, head to your morning bus stop. Blizzard staff will greet you at your bus stop to check you in, help you load your equipment in the trailer and get you situated on the bus. Our youngest members sit up front with staff. You will be dropped off at the same bus stop at the end of the day. Again, check your reservation for exact bus times. Bus times may vary each week!

You’ll want to bring a lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks to stay hydrated. Blizzard members can eat twice as much as a regular school day! If you wish to buy lunch, bring $10 to $15 and be ready for long lines. Younger members are strongly encouraged to pack a lunch.

Blizzard members must have their own gear and equipment and everything needed for a warm, fun day on the slopes! Rentals are not available on Blizzard trips.

Weekly Trip Fee

If you attend, you pay a Trip Fee which covers your lift ticket and round-trip bus transportation. If you don’t attend for any reason (you’re sick, have a birthday party, etc.) and you either don’t make a reservation or you cancel by the reservation deadline, there is no charge!

If you make a reservation, do not cancel, and do not attend, you will be charged a nominal No-Show Fee. We always process charges after the trip so we always charge you the correct amount. If you ever have questions about a charge, just call the office.

IF YOU ARE SICK, DO NOT ATTEND BLIZZARD! We will not charge a No-Show Fee if you contact the office and let us know you are/were sick. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home!

If you want to drive instead of riding the bus, respond accordingly on your evite or contact the office before the reservation deadline. We’ll have a discounted lift ticket waiting for you at the Blizzard Table inside the chalet. We can charge this to your credit card on file or you can pay by cash/check when you arrive at the Blizzard Table.

Blizzard Weekly Trip Cancellation

Our season of course depends on the weather! Blizzard reserves the right to make cancellation decisions in the best interest of our members. See our cancellation policy for details. Cancellations are usually posted on our website and voicemail system by noon on Fridays. If weather conditions are changing rapidly, cancellation decisions may be made as late as the morning of the trip. Check the website or call the office if you’re ever in doubt!