If you have questions about program availability, please contact us at office@blizzardmn.com or 763.559.3343. Thank you!

If a program is full, a waiting list is usually offered. We often have openings or are able to add another group as we get closer to the season. 

Saturday Programs

Saturday Mites SkiWAITING LIST
Saturday SuperMites Ski58
Saturday SuperMites Snowboard9
Saturday SuperKyds Ski33
Saturday SuperKyds Snowboard8
Saturday SuperKyds Race Ski4
Saturday Classic Ski196
Saturday Classic Snowboard72
Saturday Team Blizzard Race Ski40
Saturday Apprentice Instructor Ski3
Saturday Apprentice Instructor Snowboard4
Saturday Teen Sampler Ski25
Saturday Teen Sampler Snowboard25
Saturday Parent Breakthrough Program Ski13
Saturday Chaperone Ski1
Saturday Chaperone Snowboard8
Saturday Instructor Ski31
Saturday Instructor Snowboard8

Sunday Programs

Sunday Mites SkiWAITING LIST
Sunday SuperMites Ski44
Sunday SuperMites Snowboard2
Sunday SuperKyds Ski30
Sunday SuperKyds Snowboard4
Sunday SuperKyds Race Ski2
Sunday Classic Ski196
Sunday Classic Snowboard90
Sunday Team Blizzard Race Ski45
Sunday Apprentice Instructor Ski9
Sunday Apprentice Instructor Snowboard5
Sunday Teen Sampler Ski24
Sunday Teen Sampler Snowboard25
Sunday Parent Breakthrough Program Ski17
Sunday Chaperone Ski3
Sunday Chaperone Snowboard9
Sunday Instructor Ski38
Sunday Instructor Snowboard8