Mike Bendtsen

Throughout high school, Mike approached skiing like any other high school teenage boy…by bombing every hill and praying his legs were strong enough to snowplow into a somewhat controlled stop. After terrorizing other skiers at Welch Village with his friends during the school ski outings, Mike finally learned how to ski at Mt. Ripley while attending college in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Mike’s passion for skiing was reinvigorated in 2009 when he became a Blizzard Chaperone while his son joined the Mites program. Three years later Mike was instructing Kindergartners and 1st Graders in the Mites program, and he got his PSIA Level I certification during the 2014/2015 ski season. As a Blizzard Program Director, and an Instructor, Mike’s goal is to provide a learning environment that will encourage the kids to have as much fun on the slopes as he did when he was young, but with the easy and fluidity of a confidently trained snow rider.