Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Is your equipment ready for peak performance on the slopes?

Whether it’s pre-season, pre-vacation or end-of-season, be sure your equipment is in top condition to ensure great performance and lasting quality. Blizzard’s specialty  retail partners make it easy to keep your skis and snowboards tuned up at a great discount.


What’s “Tuning?”

Ski and snowboard tuning generally involves sharpening the edges and waxing the base. Special machines are used to precisely grind the base (until it’s flat) and the edges (until they’re at the proper angle). It’s also important to have a “clean” edge free from nicks and burrs. Hot wax is then applied to the base. The more wax the base absorbs, the better the ski or snowboard will glide.


Why should I tune my skis or snowboard?

Like your car, preventive maintenance help keeps it running smoothly and safely.  Same with your skis or snowboard.  Edge sharpening helps you carve better turns with more accuracy and control and helps cut through the hard Minnesota snow and ice. Grinding the base puts a texture on the bottom of your equipment and keeps the snow from sticking, giving you a better glide across the snow surface. Waxing is the finishing touch that helps you slide better with a smooth on-hill experience.

We recommend tuning your equipment at least once pre-season, before your first trip, and at the end of the season, to clean it up to prepare it for summer storage. A mid-season tune can be helpful for intermediate to expert skiers/snowboarders.



See our Ski & Snowboard Tuning FAQ’scontact the office, or contact one of our retail partners!