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See what’s happening with transportation this season — on the buses and if you drive. 



Bus Capacity

Our transportation provider has rolled out new safety measures since the start of the school year. The maximum bus load is 37 people. However, Blizzard’s maximum is 23 plus family members.

Nobody may sit in either front seat or in the second seat behind the driver. All other seats will be limited to one person or two family members.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, reservations are mandatory. Nobody will be permitted on a bus without a reservation.

Bus Pods

Buses will have limited stops. Small groupings of bus stops will be used to create Bus Pods, which will be used for lessons, lunch and break times throughout the day. We will also use Bus Pods when grouping Mites, SuperMites and SuperKyds. More info about that is on our Programs & Lessons page. Bus pods are listed on our bus stops page.

Lake Club & Metro Club

While we pride ourselves on bringing families and friends together from all over the Metro area, that’s not a good plan during a pandemic. This season, we’re splitting Blizzard into two clubs based on geography. The Lake Club includes bus stops in the western suburbs. The Metro Club includes our south, central and east bus stops. The full breakdown is on our bus stops page.

Families with split households will need to choose one bus stop for the entire season. We understand this may create a hardship and appreciate your support for keeping everyone safe this season.


All families who drive to Blizzard events will be assigned to either the Lake Club or Metro Club based on your home address. Parents must escort their child(ren) to the Blizzard Table upon arrival to get a lift ticket from the Blizzard Table and drop off your lunch. (Clearly labeled 2-gal Ziploc bag!) Please note, areas will not not allow bags in the chalet this season.

If you drive, plan to arrive at the area by 9:15 AM to gear up, get your lift ticket, and be ready to join your group between 9:30-9:45 AM. Please pick up your child(ren) between 3:15-3:30 PM.

Due to capacity limitations, areas will not permit parents to remain in the chalet this season.


Buses will undergo enhanced cleaning and sanitizing this season. Gloves, hand sanitizer and spare masks will be available on every bus. Masks are required at all times on buses. #MaskUp!

What’s the same?

Not everything is changing! We still have:

  • Our great transportation partner, Minnesota Coaches!
  • The most convenient bus stops!
  • Familiar bus signs to keep everyone in the right place!
  • Adult staff on every bus!