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Blizzard follows StaySafeMN guidelines from the MN Department of Health. Here’s an overview of our safety measures.



Face Coverings

Blizzard requires face coverings for all members and staff at all times except when eating. This includes bus stops, buses, chalets, lift lines and chair lifts.

All family members (including parents) must mask up and physically distance at bus stops when dropping off or picking up your children.

Face coverings must be snug-fitting and cover the nose and mouth completely. Fabric covers must have at least two layers. For more information, check CDC recommendations or the MN Department of Health guidelines.

Exemptions to face covering requirements must be pre-approved by the office and will not be made by staff on site.

Physical Distancing

Skiing and snowboarding are great activities for maintaining physical distancing! See below for details about how we’re physically distancing indoors and outside.

Because of our commitment to minimize contact and control who is with us each week, Guests are not permitted this season.

Indoor Spaces

Chalets generally follow restaurant and/or retail guidelines. With COVID-19, that means reduced capacity. Blizzard will stagger lunches and warm-up breaks and use alternate spaces throughout the day. We will have dedicated space to separate Blizzard members and staff from the general public. See the chalet experience for more info.

Everyone must mask up and physically distance whenever indoors.

Outdoor Spaces

NSAA’s Ski Well, Be Well program offers a lot of info about staying safe on the slopes. We will maintain six-foot separation whenever possible even in outdoor spaces.

  • The natural outdoor mountain environment is a great place to enjoy your own space!
  • The Responsibility Code helps us keep separate on the hill.
  • Chairlift chairs are ~50′ apart and keep us moving, creating lots of space and fresh air.
  • Wearing skis and snowboards naturally help us separate in lift lines.

Blizzard spaces out our Lesson Cones to keep groups apart. Our new Lake & Metro Clubs and our Bus Pods and Lesson Pods all reduce contact between participants.

All family members (including parents) must mask up and physically distance at bus stops when dropping off or picking up your children.


There will be increased cleaning on buses and at the areas. Hand sanitizer, spare masks and gloves will be available on the bus and at the Blizzard Table in the chalet. Some areas are also using fogging equipment to disinfect indoor spaces.


You must complete a home health screen when making a reservation for a Blizzard event. If you have COVID-19 symptoms or may have been exposed to COVID-19, please notify the office so we can meet our obligations for contact tracing.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and do not attend Blizzard!