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Direct To Snow

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Blizzard normally moves from the buses into the chalet, where we meet our groups and get geared up. To minimize crowding in the chalet this season we will move from the buses directly to the hill. You’ll need to dress and pack a little differently!



Ride Together, Slide Together

Because we travel together on buses, Blizzard is considered one group per the National Ski Areas Association. This allows us to ride lifts together, create lesson groups, and use indoor space as a group, subject to more stringent rules from government agencies or snowsports areas.

On Your Body

Since we’re going directly from the bus to the hill, everything you need for the day (except your lunch) must be on your body. This applies to drivers, too. Areas do not permit bags in the chalet this season due to enhanced cleaning protocols. Wear your:

  • Jacket, snowpants, and thermal layers
  • Helmet, goggles and gloves/mittens
  • Ski or snowboard boots

It’s also a good idea to put a snack in your pocket!

On The Bus

Lunches must be in a single 2-gallon (or smaller) zippered plastic bag, clearly labeled with your full name, group name (K-5th graders), bus stop, and bus pod (A/B/C/D). Everything will be disposed of at the end of the day, so don’t include anything that must come back home. Spare socks, mittens, etc. should be left in a small bag on the bus for emergencies. Put a couple dry masks in a zippered pocket. Lunchtime meds and other essentials should be coordinated through the office or carried by your child(ren).

Your lunch bag will go in a tub in the front seat of the bus. Blizzard staff will bring lunches to the chalet. They will be set out during your bus stop’s scheduled lunch period.

Everyone will receive lift tickets on the bus as usual.

In Your Car

If you drive to the area, boot up at your car and bring everything you need for the day. #MaskUp and go into the chalet to get your lift ticket at the Blizzard Table. Then immediately proceed to the Lesson Cones where you’ll meet your group. If you bring a lunch, you should leave it in your car to retrieve later during your assigned lunch break. If you’re dropping off your child, bring their lunch to the Blizzard Table in a two-gallon zippered plastic bag (see above).

Due to capacity limitations, areas will not permit non-skiers to remain in the chalet this season.

Skis & Snowboards

Nothing is changing. If you ride the bus, skis and snowboards should be in a protective bag in the trailer and the bag stays in the trailer during the day. Do not dump your skis or snowboard on the ground! Be courteous and keep everyone safe by using the racks near the chalet.

What’s the same?

Not everything is changing! You should still:

  • Layer up! Layered clothing breathes and keeps you warm and dry all day!
  • Label everything!!! Jacket, snowpants, helmet, goggles, mittens/gloves, skis, poles, snowboards, boots…everything!
  • Get your lift ticket on the bus or at the Blizzard Table!