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Here’s what’s happening inside the chalet this season!



Blizzard Table

The Blizzard Table will be staffed all day by our wonderful Blizzard Chaperones. Members and staff will check in and check out as usual. Please respect physical distancing during peak times.

Spare masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are available at the Blizzard Table throughout the day.

Dedicated Space

Blizzard will have dedicated space inside the chalet to keep us separated from the general public. All Blizzard members and staff must be in our dedicated space whenever using the chalet.

Capacity will be reduced to enable physical distancing. Only six people (maximum) will be allowed to eat together at a table. Lunch and warm-up breaks will be scheduled by Bus Pod.

Members and staff should wear their Blizzard membership card or staff ID at all times in the chalet.

Food & Beverage

We strongly recommend bringing a lunch from home this season. This is required for K-5 programs as usual; older members and staff can purchase food at the areas. Most areas offer limited “grab & go” menus this season. Some areas are requiring contactless payment (no cash). Please plan ahead.

Lunches must be in a single 2-gallon (or smaller) zippered plastic bag, clearly labeled with your full name, group name (K-5th graders), bus stop, and bus pod (A/B/C/D). Everything will be disposed of at the end of the day, so don’t include anything that must come back home. Spare socks, mittens, etc. should be left in a small bag on the bus for emergencies. Put a couple dry masks in a zippered pocket. Lunchtime meds and other essentials should be coordinated through the office or carried by your child(ren).

We will again offer a nut-free table for those with allergies.

All Blizzard members and staff will be assigned to a 30-minute lunch period. This is the only time lunches may be eaten in the chalet. All Blizzard members and staff must eat in our designated area, regardless of where food is purchased.

Ski Patrol

All areas have implemented COVID-related protocols at Ski Patrol. If a person is determined to have COVID-19 symptoms, they will be isolated and must be picked up. Under no circumstances will anyone with COVID-19 symptoms be permitted to ride home on a Blizzard bus.

Lost & Found

Blizzard will not lend out gear this season. If something is forgotten, Blizzard can assist with an emergency purchase from the area.

At the end of the day, all lost & found will be collected in a plastic bag and returned to the Blizzard office. After two weeks, all unclaimed items will be disposed. If you lose something on a Blizzard trip, please email the office.

What’s the same?

Not everything is changing! You can still:

  • See friendly faces at the Blizzard Table!
  • Rely on the Ski Patrol’s expertise!
  • Safely enjoy the social aspects of skiing and snowboarding!